Game Crash

  • When I first started up the game, I had no problems at all. I went into training, completed that with no lagg or anything with all default settings. Then I tried to join a game. About a minute into me playing, I crashed. Just got a black screen and couldn’t alt+tab/ctrl+alt+del out either. I had to manually turn off the computer. So I decided I’d go in, lower all the settings, and try again. This time, I crashed before I could even spawn, I only lasted 4 seconds give or take. I restarted my computer again after a while, got in and the same thing happened. I’ve tried verifying the integrity of game cache, and changed “bAllowPostprocess” to false. Attached is my Launch file.

    I appreciate any assistance! :D


  • Okay, I tried joining a server with less players on it today, and I crashed again. Almost instantly. Just bought this game and so far I haven’t even been able to enjoy it. Need a fix for this as soon as possible. Also, I attached my DxDiag. I tested this on and it said I could run it just fine.

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