• Alright fella’s I might have an idea that would boost the clan world.

    It all starts by customizing the forum, or maybe making a dedicated site to clans. This can be done by dev’s or by the community. Heh, I wouldn’t mind running such a site. I’ve been apart of many clans in many different games and it was always so much fun to see what happened between clans. They would be posting videos of wars and just banter. Chivalry is perfectly suited for such a community!

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a dedicated forum for clans? A place where clans have their own:

    • sub forum, moderated and kept up by the leader of the clan or the appointed persons.
    • ability to add members to a list, change ranks etc.

    That same forum would contain:

    • Grand tournament.
    • Scrims (unoffical matches between clans or allies)

    Generally a place just like the Clan Hub right here, but more enhanced.

    What do you think? Is Chivalry waiting for more advanced clan battles and stuff?

    Further it would be neat to have some sort of indication in-game of where your clanmates are hanging out. Since Chivalry doesn’t work with a minimap, maybe like a little thingy above their heads? Just an indication.

  • This is a great idea. It’s something similar as what my clan had when we played americas army a few years back.
    We had bot our own website, and our own forum, with ranks judged by efficiency in battle and hours played.
    I got all the way up to General in our forum rank, so I did play for some time :D

    And something similar to chivalry would be awesome :D And have special designed clan matches, where the admins could decide everything in the game, like place, content, spawns, scoreboard layout and so on… 8-)

  • Woh some of it got implemented!

  • There’s been a subsection for clans since before the game was released, and a competitive play subsection for a few weeks. Also some league sites are already running. :P

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