• I understand that you people love to just spam. Yes, using more than one attack button can be confusing and having an attack that is virtually unmissable also help, but in the love of god, atleast use another attack than slash with SPEARS.

    It really kills my immersion seeing people who are too stupid to use a spear. Yes, they’re not doing any body or kill stuff (have yet to see a single kill from that) but it’s no fun to watch it.

  • At least the spear stab sucks, I killed 3 people today with one spear overhead…stabbed the first one moved it left and killed 2 more. Now THAT’s stupid…and I felt a bit ashamed tbh, but they tried to kill me what should I do? :cry:

  • I use nothing but slash with spear, to get ready for quarterstaff. Stick fighting bro, it’s what’s hip.

  • I think I seen people doing that twice now, its rather sad as they don’t seem to read chat or realize that its a bad idea even as I kill them with my own spear using the right attacks.

  • It seems perfectly appropriate for someone with a spear to use a slashing motion. Like previously stated, stick fighting is a very important aspect of wielding any kind of polearm or even staff.

    As for spamming slash, I don’t foresee that ever changing, haha.

  • Spear sucks? Tell that to Vq. Knil

    Lightsaber spear is where it’s at.

  • @boomandvibe:

    Lightsaber spear is where it’s at.

    I like you.

  • You talking trash about my spear? I can’t hear ya over the sound of me stabbing you two countries over 8-)

  • @SharpshotSid:

    You talking trash about my spear? I can’t hear ya over the sound of me stabbing you two countries over 8-)

    He just got stabbed again.

  • I would suggest making a clashing sequence.

    You+NME Slash at the same time your (weapons) meet and cancel out eachother

    You+NME Overhead same thing

    You+NME Stab…both people get tied up and one of you have to Kick to get the other person away

    Something like that to prevent spam and to encourage multiple comboing.

  • I love my spear. And it’s definitely something that takes some getting used to. Probably 95% of the time, I use the secondary stab… But I’ve found that slash work great to get around those big shields, as long as I move over to the left a bit. Saved my butt a few times.

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