• As you all know, you got a free copy of Portal if you didn’t already have it due to the new steam support for Macs.

    This obviously means that there are some users that will use macs, I have a friend who uses a mac, and steam, and he can’t play AoC because it/the source sdk base is not on Mac. What am I talking about? I am talking about Chivalry on Macs.

    I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to port to the mac, but please make sure you do that so that mac users can enjoy Chivalry as well.


  • If the Source SDK is purely for PC then there is no way we would be able to port it to mac.
    I am unsure if UDK can build for Mac but I know the UDK stuff only runs on PC. Will get back to you on that one.

  • I totally agree…even though it will be more work and stuff…and if it is possible…

  • Yes of course. If possible we would love to have our game run on Mac as well.
    However since we are not writing our own engine from the ground up, we are limited by the development kits that is provided to us.

  • A better solution would be to not use a Mac as your gaming computer, as it’s very limited to what you can play and how well it will play on it.

    I literally just made a power point presentation to give later tonight on Macs vs. PCs for one of my classes, so I think it’s kind of funny how the subject comes up so quickly.

  • let’s just not get into a PC vs. Mac discussion…by the date of release of CBA I think the Mac will have more game titles available, so in my opinion looking ahead it doesn’t sound so silly to have CBA released on Mac…I’ll play it no matter what platform it is released on…

  • since steam released stuff for macs, i’ve only seen the owners of sed macs complain nothing works…maybe because they’re not supposed to game on them?

  • Must be a sign…

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