Survival gamemode?

  • Me and my friend were discussing ideas from movies and such and he mentioned how hardly any zombie movies had ever broken the boundaries of time and made one in a medieval setting. That’s when I got the idea of having some sort of survival game mode in Chivalry, in which a team of people would fight against zombie bots until death or when the time runs out. If not zombies, then peasants could possibly be a good idea as well.

    Let me know what you think.

  • I think you might be on to something.

  • Developer

    This is something we have discussed as a team and are looking into the possibility of doing, no promises yet though it would be cool!

  • I agree this could be a really fun and exciting gamemode especially because chivalry is so different from other games

  • I never really thought about it, but you’re right. I’ve never seen a medieval zombie flick!

  • A medieval castle is the perfect place to fight off hordes of zombies.

  • Army of Darkness…not exactly zombies, but… ;)

    The idea is awesome, though. Would love to see Zombie Vikings. XD

  • @PowerZ:

    A medieval castle is the perfect place to fight off hordes of zombies.

    YES! also, medieval zombies would be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. even if this is not the game for that… :j:

  • That could be good, but for an entirely different game maybe ?
    Several points are to be made :

    • swords and melee weapons are more suitable to fight against zombies : no “reload time”, no ammo, easy tu use, more silent (except if you scream while charging them…)
    • can you imagine a zombie biting you through medium to heavy armor ? Chainmail or plate ? … Me neither.
    • castles are designed to stand against an aweful lot of ennemies, and can withstand several years of siege. Oh, and I doubt classical zombies could figure out how to use a catapult…
      => Knight > classical survivor in today’s games (even with this madness that is technological advantage…)

  • I slay thee zombie, in the name of the Knights of Ni….no, Z! :berz:

  • ZOMBIE: Pray tell good sir, did you bite your thumb at me? I shall have to bite it off then…and while I am at it perhaps I shall partake in the feasting of your brain. huzza good sir.

  • Well said dear King!

  • Thank you my friend.
    Realistically speaking, the AoC bots where sort of like zombies already… except they had weapons of sorts and at least half a brain to use them.

  • If we are going the fantasy path, I would like to see hordes of zombies BUT also vile sharp-teethed ghouls; versatile, fast vampires; armored, tough skeletons, and even almighty Dark - Lord. But then we will have Medieval Killing Floor…which i would probably love so much!

    In one word - everyone would be glad if You, guys, when game and its mechanics is complete, continue to make other game modes ;)


  • You forgot harpies you blithering harlot… I jest you are a fine individual. :jsmirk:

  • Yes harpies and… A raging five headed dragon that spews dark star matter from his claws and can fly trough time, space, and inter-dimensional portal-rifts. just by curling his tail into a candy cane shape…

    or something of that form perhaps. really though, I am with Yush.
    Keep doing what you guys are so good at!

  • I like the Idea of survival mode, but what about Against angry mob of peasants instead of Zombies?

  • Now that sounds more true to the nature of the game! I like it!

  • Hitman, then they should add something called “Revolution” game mode :))) With a hordes of everyday medieval people attacking a bunch of trained and armored idiots who stands against the revolution :)

    SCYTHE MAN! Thats our end… it must be Grim Reaper…

    Truly - both fantasy and “real” modes will satisfy me :)

  • I would prefer zombies…much more fun and entertaining. :D

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