New to game - help a maul nublet out

  • hey dudes, just started playing this game 2 days ago and LOVING it so far….i come from competition tribes and quake play from way back, this is my first crack at multiplayer melee unless u count natural selection 2

    im guessing some people were playing early beta and have some experience in this game…im hoping for some input on developing a good fight style in this game

    basically im a guy that always plays the heaviest, tankiest character and uses the most powerful slowest weapon in every game i play…i just cant get enough of playing knight with maul + sword and shield and really want to develop this style of play

    im a huge robert baratheon fan from GoT…have always loved hammer style fighting and dig the maul alot (slow, big power, timing based) being a mortar fighter in tribes and rocket fighter in quake

    can anyone give me tips for using this weapon? (i have watched the fighting tutorials on youtube but hoping for weapon specific advice)

    obviously with such slow speed u cant be too aggressive and need good defence…its only MaA and funnily enough archers in close that cause issues…should i just switch to sword + shield here or am i just not good enough with using maul in close? this is the fight i lose the most and want to find a counter that doesnt rely on changing weapons

    i seem to get flanked a bit by the fast guys and then they get really really close…i just cant get time and distance but possibly with good defence and use of positioning could get back out?

    is maul a practical weapon for high level play or is it more a pubstomp type weapon? i want to get good at the game but also have a slight “roleplay” element of being a maul specialist…is this going to mean i lose more fights than i should?

    thx for any input and rocking game dev team!

  • I typically play sword and board most of the time(Falchion + kite shield) but I always bring a big weapon to go along with it like the poleaxe or maul. if i ever use them in battle its more often to bring a heavy hit down on an unsespecting player, but as a main weapon against a fast opponent I usually wait for them to attack and parry it, then attempt to lay a heavy hit down. Attempting to swing before stopping his fast swing usually leaves me wide open to get flinched and torn up. I just use sword and board in most situations anyway though so thats what i would do. Even without a shield a smaller, faster weapon will net me plenty more winning battles than trying for that, albiet humorous, crushing blow with the maul.

  • With the maul, a lot of your kills should be from overhead swings. Don’t neglect slashes and stabs, but the majority of them should be the result of an overhead. Using a maul depends on two things really: Your opponent’s weapon and their fighting style. If your opponents fighting style is very aggressive or they’re using a really quick one-handed weapon, you’re going to have a rough time trying to take them out with a maul, and would be better off switching to your one-hand and shield. However, versus a defensive opponent (one who doesn’t just LMB spam and tries to parry at the very least), you’ll want to use feints to your benefit. Don’t do it too often, or they’ll start expecting that first swing to be a feint and will block the second swing. Versus a vanguard or another knight, just play it smart. If they go to their one-handed, use your one-handed. Otherwise, you can manage with the maul. If you’re sneaky and can get behind enemy lines, archers are a buffet of crushed skulls for you.

    Should be all you need to know.

  • The maul is probably the most rewarding weapon to master. I love my maul and don’t really use anything else. Crushing my enemies into a pile of dust is what it’s all about! Overhand is indeed the best way to go (it puts hair on your chest).

  • HEXEN has uploaded a great video about Maul tactics:

  • i have been using jump-overhead alot as well as redirected thrusts (miss them but turn it back at the last minute)

    i dont use swings that much as they are so slow and often TK, but when u get them clean its awesome

    so is maul considered a nub weapon? eg i played very high level tribes competition and it seems like MaA + norse sword or knight + sword of war seem more like “comp builds”

    are there any comp players in this game? what is their opinion regarding mauls?

    thx for the input so far big help guys :)

    im just so addicted to this weapon, i really want to zen master it but dont want to be the eternal nub getting owned by people using the more potent builds

  • I say do what you enjoy and ignore what anyone else says is “nooby”… There will always be haters (I am usually a hater of LMB spammers, but that’s besides the point). The point is: play for fun! If you enjoy the maul, use it!

    Btw, you play Tribes: Ascend? Or the old school Tribes?

  • i dont mind being called a nub, just dont want to handicap myself mastering a weapon that isnt useful for dueling etc

    yeah i played comp tribes 1 and tribes ascend, top team in oceania for most of ascend (vgx if u know the oceania comp u would know us)

  • I don’t play comp, I troll pub Capture and Hold for easy kills while playing T:A 8-)

    Anyway, maul isn’t much for dueling imo… You would probably want 1h and shield or at least a faster 2h. Grand mace is pretty sick from what I have heard, but I haven’t tried it because I just trololol max damage on TO players’ heads.

  • Ehhhh, dueling really isn’t your strong suit with the Maul. It works best as a strength multiplier in a small group of your own allies. You’ll get cut down by experienced players who know what they’re doing because it’s such an easy weapon to punish with a fast one hander.

    That said, a lot of people mis-judge the timing and reach of the weapon. The forward momentum while doing an overhead can close distance more rapidly than a lot of people think, which may mean they won’t even care to block. Your swings also take a fair amount of time to complete, so when opponents flinch parry off of your animation, it will often come too soon.

    Overall, you want to be manipulating your footwork to create hit trade situations, because you’ll flat out win most of the time.

    And as Necramonium mentioned (thanks!), I’ve created a couple videos that deal specifically with the Maul. You can find them in the link below. Best of luck my friend! Smash heads for Crom!

    :o <–------ Face right before head smash

  • thx heaps buddy thats what i was after! any suggestions on good footwork patterns to force a trade of blows?

    i figured maul wasnt the best dueler, when i fight MaA or 1h + shield knights i have been switching to broadsword + shield as it was just too hard with the maul

    after reading these forums it seems that norse sword is probably best secondary for dealing with little pesky MaA and archers…stabby stab!

    still going to try to turn this thing into a dueling weapon haha

    Smash heads for Crom!

    this is good, but what is best in life? ;)

  • @Sir:

    after reading these forums it seems that norse sword is probably best secondary for dealing with little pesky MaA and archers…stabby stab!

    After the update coming in the next day or two this wont be the case IMO, norse sword is getting changed to less of a stabbing weapon. I’d go with the falchion or maces as they 2-3 hit most any class and are very fast.

  • @Sir:

    this is good, but what is best in life? ;)

    Crush your enemies, see dem driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!


    Footwork is hard to pin down as an actual strategy. It’s sort of a tertiary supplement behind the weapon and its strikes, which makes it somewhat obscure and difficult to talk about. There is no “perfect” set of steps that will cause you to win every time.

    The Maul is built around intuitive prediction and finding that opening or error of your opponent, which may be 2, 30, 45 or 15 seconds into a fight. Watching your opponents footwork will help you manipulate your own. You want to keep your eye on distance and also know at which distance the different classes will begin to attack from.

    I find that small circles help (wasdwasdwasdwasdw) because it’s constantly closing and creating distance, which in turn create fantastic killzones if you know when to throw your overheads. I can’t count how many times people have just walked right into my swing as I’m backing up.

  • watched both those maul vids, was good to help me in coming weeks! i didnt realise u could combo 3 overheads and use cancel like that

    i use thrusts quite alot with it, mainly in midrange after a parry and get alot of headshots with it, dmg isnt great but i like it to set up overhead shots…works great with a strafe jump

    thx for help, think i will use shield and 1h over throwing axe, hate getting killed by archers

    love the arnie voiceovers


  • Footwork has to be learned as it is very intuitive. For example you can walk back and to the sides if you block a feint wrong by doing this you are leading their next attack into your 2nd parry.

    Generally you don’t want to be walking straight forward or straight backwards all the time. Sometimes you can do high-risk things like trying to sidestep an attack to sprint in whereas if you parried they would of been able to react defensively.

  • if you come from quake you should know how to improve - play more and practice

    there isnt nearly as much in this game as to quake and tribes so it shouldnt be too hard for you give it a few 30 hours or so

  • Maul is best used for pubstomping. It could have its shining moments in competitive play, but it won’t have them a lot. The thing is, once you figure out the Maul, it is surprisingly easy to counter. It’s so slow the enemy has plenty of time to block or just simply move out of its range. Feints are relatively useless, comparing to other weapons. You’ll probably trick a couple of good players from time to time, but it is so slow that it’s easy to see through. Also, I’ve seen some people say that Overhead is the only thing you should use. This is true for the most part, but I found out that using an occasional stab might catch your enemy off guard, surprised by the sudden slight increase of range.

    Overall, I find the Maul to be a noob weapon. It is easy to do well with on random servers, as it only requires your enemy to make a single mistake and they’ll pay it with their life. I too however love using a Maul from time to time, just for the sake of its sheer stopping power and I can completely understand your affection for Robert Baratheon. But, if you’re planning to go into the competitive scene of Chivalry, I’d recommend mastering another weapon.

  • ^that was my fear, it sorta felt like that…after playing comp in other games it set off my newb detector a little :P

    ill master it as best as i can (so fun) but learn sword of war and 1H techniques for more serious fighting

    any recommendations on a good comp savvy knight build? ill learn MaA aswell but get knight going first

    thx again for all the input

  • Game balance is a constant WIP - I would suggest sticking to what you like. The Norse Sword and Sword of War are both being toned down next patch, which should hopefully be today, and heavy weapons are getting a relative buff to feinting - and also, parry timings are being reduced a bit so there’s more of a window to exploit a missed parry, which is especially helpful for slow weapons like the maul that can drag attacks away from and back into a parry.

  • @Sir:

    ^that was my fear, it sorta felt like that…after playing comp in other games it set off my newb detector a little :P

    ill master it as best as i can (so fun) but learn sword of war and 1H techniques for more serious fighting

    any recommendations on a good comp savvy knight build? ill learn MaA aswell but get knight going first

    thx again for all the input

    Broadsword, hatchet.

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