Canadians: merely untrustworthy? Or also lacking in graces?

  • St. Paul’s well known logical conundrum: “even Cretans agree that Cretans are always liars,” is a paradox well applied to the Canadian. With his and her disdain for the basic values of truth and reliability, the Canadian Man insists on filling the world with vicious qualities. If only the Canadian’s effrontery ended at dishonesty, then we could end the discussion here in reasonable and near universal agreement. But the more difficult question is whether Canadians also lack in the graces necessary for democratic virtue. Indeed; is the Canadian even fit to be a citizen? My own answer to this question would lean toward the negative. With his low manner, his peevish nature, and his dumb discourse, the Canadian has yet to evolve to the proper standard of maturity necessary for citizenship in the modern state.

  • 7/10 I’ve seen better

  • 3/10.
    Some bots are making better and are actually offering discounts on counterfeit products at the same time.

  • 0/10

    If you can’t step it up you’re not going to last here much longer.

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