• Okay I entered the BETA before patch, and my first impression’s were, IS THIS HAX ?

    Because I seemed to have died A LOT then I was able to kill.

    I felt the block system was a lot better, but the DPS WAS TO HIGH, you get stabbed once, as a argh forgot class name, the long pole dudes, and that’s it your DEAD, one stab ? whats the point.

    Where as before, I found it more balanced, my kills match my deaths every time, some times i get more kills then deaths !!! ( I’m an average player but I’ve never finished my score with more deaths until now. )

    I was watching people being stabbed and their DEAD ( so it’s not just me ). I my self was killed after 2 melee’s being struck on me, where as before i would survive this, as they were simple wounds not decapitation.

    To be honest DYING SO EASILY, just with a simple 1 second confrontation with a player sucked the fun out of it all,

    So LOWER THE DPS, I also found that the hitting/ block system is a lot better with connectivity, but blocking is still rather useless… you block and they don’t recoil or nothing they just repeat their swings and attacks until u just can’t block their 600th attack anymore, so you strike back and it MESSES YOU UP. block is useless in this game;
    Unless your several feet away from their next swing, they should stumble, or something as a recoil, they have the option to Feint, so if they see the person is about to block they have this option, to avoid recoil.

    But yes the DPS is far to high, It’s spawn die spawn die, don’t matter what weapon your killed by. I was slayed by an archer whom before would take at least 4 melee attacks to kill me, now only takes 2… don’t matter if its the arm or leg or head.

    i don’t feel it is as balanced as before, it feels like a fast DEATH MATCH, who strikes first wins sorta thing.
    Please fix this.

  • A lot of things you say have changed, haven’t actually changed, and I’ve spent the biggest part of the last few days telling people this because there were no patch notes to go on. I literally logged in to ‘Every single weapon now winds up faster, why?’ just after one of the beta patches came out, which was not true at all, it turns out this person was only using the heavy weapons, which the animations for had changed (and were not sped up, they are the same as the live version). This is why I’m hugely in favour of publishing every single change, no matter how minor, because there’s nothing worse than leaving the players guessing at what has changed.

    The only weapons that have changed damage wise are the three Spear type weapons, and the Sword of War 1H. The Norse Sword damage changes were published on the first change log.

    The blocking system hasn’t changed either, could it simply be a result of you playing on a US server from a non-US region?

  • Hm not sure, I did however have a lot of LAG, on the DEV test server.

    the weapons i was slayed by constantly were the long poles they use, one stab.

    mostly by the VQ clan, but then i swapped over and it was just the same from the opposite team.

    I de downloaded the BETA, went back on to the LIVE version, and completely smashed everybody to pieces !!! in 3 games, winning a free for all as well. So their is something definitely distinguishable about the live version and beta version.

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