Battle of sterling idea

  • Perhaps a battle of sterling type idea, team based last man standing but rather than time running out, have it based on team kill perhaps 500 or more depending on the scale of the battle the server wishes to run, spawn points could be based on a hill on a large scale map and players run into battle,
    or objectives placed where a certain amount of kills will open the next objective very similar to the peasants in stonehill, but based on player deaths again 500 or more, maybe a conquest idea perhaps
    just a thought.

  • I would love a conquest idea but with capturable flags that can be used and picked up/moved so that the more flags the one side owns, the more dominance of the land they’re fighting for. Something like that….my 1cent :P That way we make our own capturable objectives rather than a stagnant one priovidng more map replayability.

    These flags could have massive torches on top to signal ships awaiting confirmation on either side of a harbor or something…

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