Looking for a clan :)

  • Hi, My name is Sparky, And I would love to start my own clan, however, my team mates just aren’t up to it anymore these days.

    So I’m looking to join a clan, one that is active and functional, I have all the time in the world, I can make websites, and I’m a pretty much a down to earth, tactical person all round.

    I’ve been in various clans on various games and platforms, I was the maker of AoD.
    Which most people have heard of back in the day.

    I lead a clan on MLG and game 100th rank in the whole WORLD, we stopped there… A nice number to go by, that was on gears of War, back on the Xbox 360, however I’m better on the PC I’ve been gaming for over 20 years on this platform.

    I’m an active player, Love getting along, as well as pwning other players, but having some respect for the opposition :).

    So if you want to see me make heads roll, give me an invite :).
    Just looking for some fun, and new friends.

  • Hi there, good luck on your clan search!

    We actually have a thread already that you can post in with all your info here:


    So if you’d like to post in there, that’d be great.


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