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    The [1138] Clan is looking to expand into Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

    We strive to create small, tight knit family communities within the games we play. We welcome everybody! Stoners, drunks, straight edge, younger teens – it doesn’t matter who or what you are, so long as you’re chill.

    For now it doesn’t even matter if you’re good or bad at the game, I’m looking to build a core team with a good dynamic within Chivalry, and there is a co-leader position waiting for someone I come to trust.

    I have an interest in build a group of people who will employ tactics, both historical and modern, to the best of our ability in order to sweep a map in domination. Shield walls, battle formations, routing the enemy, with regular practice and good comradery this is entirely possible!

    If anyone is interested, reply to this topic or shoot me a message on Steam at Sam Colt [1138]

    TeamSpeak3: 1138.typefrag.com:38565

    Sam Colt [1138]
    Baconforce [1138]

    Cerberus [1138]
    {{TG}} Adrian [1138]]
    Passive Gamer [1138]
    ArchAngelSuriel [1138]
    Chemical_Cola [1138]
    TheNinjaNevin [1138]

  • [1138] is now looking for skilled archers. Javelin will do, but bows and crossbows preferred.

    Apply today!

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