Are Canadians persons?

  • I include this abstract from a recent research paper that some here might find compelling. Please consult my publications for more information on this fast-growing area of academic interest.

    Few questions have traditionally elicited as much controversy in America as those surrounding legal personhood. During the Civil War period, the personhood of African-Americans was a major topic of dispute between those for and against abolition. In the last few decades, questions of fetal personhood have erupted into the mainstream debates over the moral and legal status of abortion. In this essay, I shall examine the heretofore neglected issue of Canadian personhood. Are Canadians persons? Is it possible to form community with the Canadian? Is the Canadian a member of the biological species homo sapiens? With the Canadian population growing every year, answering these questions has become increasingly urgent. In this paper, I shall delineate proper from flawed concepts of personhood, and help us come to terms with the growing Canadian problem.

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