Knil's Suggestion Compendium

  • I just wanted to thank the devs for their great work on this game and the current beta patch. It’s great to see you guys doing so well on the steam top sellers this late after release. With that out of the way, here are a few of my niggling gripes I have after my 300 hours I’ve put into this fun game.

    Swinging into the ground
    This method can be used to bypass recovery for instant parries and quicker attacks. It’s most effective on slower weapons while looking at the ground and doing overhead attacks - this also makes the swing hit faster because of the real time swings.

    First the recoil reaction of swinging into objects need to be separated from swinging into parries, because the last time you tried to lock out parries during the recoil animation it became broken for parries. But the solution is simple; you have already tried it once - lock out parries during swing recoil.

    Firepots as an area denial
    We have enough ranged direct damage weapons in the game. Firepots should function as an area denial/tower shield turtle fest. The ground damage firepots do is a complete joke - it does 25% max hp if you stand in the whole duration. If you stand in the whole duration of a firepot fire it should bring you down pretty low. Right now the ground damage combined with the explosive burn damage does a total of 50% hp which is a pathetic when you realize it takes 8 seconds in a tiny radius to deal the full damage.

    The size of the firepot radius could do with a 20% increase in size, along with a doubling of the damage dealt by the ground. This would put it at a 75% damage if you stand in the 8 second slightly larger radius. This makes firepots more useful at area denial while at the same time keeping them at the same strength for 1v1.

    Friend names take up a lot of screen real estate
    I appreciate the steam names showing up for friends in game, but the amount of text when you have a lot of friends in game is extremely spammy.

    Scaling the size of the text based on the distance they are from you would help alleviate a lot of the screen clutter.

    Sprint attack is useless
    Sprint attack is so useless I would rather have it deleted from the game then be usable on my vanguard. It’s slow, it telegraphs, it’s easy to avoid, and does barely any bonus damage.

    Stealing Blaine’s idea on sprint attack it should do between 50-80% stamina drain on parry depending on the varying weapon sizes. This makes it a high risk move that can be punished, but gives you a huge stamina advantage if you force them to parry the attack.

    Stamina and shields
    J3st has some of the best ideas on how to make stamina more important and shields less of an overpowered force field.


    Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

  • sounds like solids solutions to me =D! but i would to that . the archer Drawback increase in time need to be put back archers are worse off then they were before! and the projectile speed increase is nice but now you cant RUN and shoot anymore which is one of the best ways of survival for an archer! as it is archers get 1 shoted by almost any class you guys ruined them!


  • /agree

  • The swinging into the ground to avoid recovery is an issue, but there is another way to ignore the recovery on weapons too (even if this was resolved), such as the Maul, and it’s as simple as going into a combo, feinting, and parrying the next incoming attack. You’ve essentially turned a 1.2s recovery into a 0.2s recovery, which at the cost of a small amount of a stamina, can be a lifesaver and is a very good tradeoff as parrying a hit is preferable to taking one, however, I literally haven’t got a clue on where to start with fixing this.

    I completely agree the ground fire needs a massive boost. You should be wanting to avoid it like the plague, but that’s totally not the case right now, as walking through it, many many times, just ends up tickling you.

    With regards to the friends names, I still want to see the option to replace names with an arrow above all teammates heads. One colour for normal teammates, another colour for friends. Not so much for me, but for the colourblind folks, and the folks having trouble telling allies from enemies apart.

    I agree swapping the keys over would be logical. To avoid confusion, I’ve been having to label the attacks as ‘Main stab’ and ‘Less damaging stab’ and it’d be so much easier if the actual overhead was the lesser damaging overhead stab, and the stab was well, the main stab.

    Sprint attack is self-explanatory, as a single parry renders it useless.

    Something needs to be done to a shields, and right now, I couldn’t care less what is done as long as something is done to nerf them. Maybe we need to look at kick some more, and being caught with your shield actually held in the block position. A valid move should be feinting your opponent to force them to hold their block, and then kicking them while their shield is up to give you a massive guard break. Split the kick stun between holding your block up, and everything else, with the holding your block up stun being a higher punishment.

  • I agree with all of this. Especially Sprint attack. Its silly unless Im hitting archers with bows.

  • I liked when walking through fire ignited you - it actually made you hesitate to run through fire. Igniting you for the full duration was over the top, though; running through ground fire should ignite you for 2 seconds or so. This guarantees some damage and impediment just for crossing the fire, and with an increase to the damage from standing in it as well it would become a much better area denial.

  • Good suggestions

  • Removed the spear attack button swap after reading the patch notes and seeing the .4 feint cd for thrusts. xD

  • Does the feint cooldown actually apply to the spear’s overhead (underarm) thrust?

  • @SlyGoat:

    Does the feint cooldown actually apply to the spear’s overhead (underarm) thrust?

    Nope, it applies to the lesser damaging one.

  • @Martin:


    Does the feint cooldown actually apply to the spear’s overhead (underarm) thrust?

    Nope, it applies to the lesser damaging one.

    Immediately assumed that would be overlooked when I saw the patchnotes :)

    Oh well, ish happens.

  • With a .4 feint timer you have enough time to get off a second parry vs a brandistock after a feint.

  • Ugh are you serious? These are the WORST ideas ever. You are the worst spear user I’ve ever encountered.

    Do not want.

    **Kidding, I love them, great ideas. Bring them on!**

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