BUG REPORT: Bots in "Create game" mode doesn't do objectives

  • when my internet is down i play the offline mode of Chivalry by Creating a game and playing against Bots, the problem is that in ‘Objective’ mode, the Bots doesn’t go out of their spawn. in the throne room level, the Bot king for example never get’s out so does the other Bots, so the Game doesn’t really go on and i lose the Level :)

    it happens in a lot of levels that the Bots just go around in the spawn and never get’s out.

    in another case the Bots are coming to fight me walking backwards and not walking to me, which is kinda funny if you think about it.

    only in FFA mod the Bots actually behave as they should attacking everyone and Fighting.

    and i might suggests to make difficulty to the Bots, like ‘novice’ ‘moderate’ ‘hard’. so it would be a challenge.

  • Presently bots are supported in All modes except Team Objective.


  • oh… :)

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