Singleplayer medieval rpg with good combat?

  • Yes, does anybody know one? Like combat with a Chivalry- or at least Mount And Blade-like combat system? What i mean is, something intuitive. Like you swing a weapon in the direction you are actually aiming at, instead of these completely abstract keyboard mashing games that are, apparently, very succesful in the commercial sense, but not in the “i’m a human being with the intelligence that follows” kind of sense.

    These dice rolling and/or clicking-a-button-swings-your-weapon-randomly-at-the-opponent kind of systems are really starting to piss me off. I mean the best combat i’ve seen apart from the two mentioned games is Risen, and that doesn’t even get close to them, but at least it has some kind of footwork and skill required. A fair amount of rpgs have decent stories and such, but their gameplay completely ruins most of them. This is a sidenote though.

    I hope someone can answer my question :) .


    Close enough…

    edit: But I don’t think the combat is like what you mention, hell not even AoC is like that.

    I only know of two games that had something like that, and it was Jedi Knight II and Determinance, a Torque engine where you would fly around like in the Matrix.


  • Sorry to say it, but Skyrims combat system is quite bad, exactly what can be expected from Bethesda at all times. Believe me i have completed most of the game (meaning Guilds and main quest), but i can’t stand the left mouse button mashing crap. Also the potion drinking is awful, the game has no animation for drinking a potion (which should disable other commands while playing) or no drinking limit. This means that a player with alot of good potions is invincible without the need for actual skill. But what can one expect from a big company these days. I’m waiting for someone to change the combat when the construction set comes out - just like Duke Patrick’s mods did for Oblivion (along with other more popular mods like Deadly Reflex).

    The other games you mentioned aren’t exactly medieval, and i really don’t like light sabers or Sci-fi games. Thanks for trying though ;)

  • Try “Rune”. Old game, fantasy setting, some weapons are clearly OP (but beatable, if you know how to), and attacking may look like random (but it’s not). But kind of fun in both MP and SP (good MP server was “dragon arena something”)

    There is also “Die by the Sword”, but I played it as kid and don’t really remember why I only played instant actions or waves, rather than campaign. Good memories when I win match with first swing and three decapitations… Playing as ogre against goblins, but still with first swing :D

    WIP projects: Deus Vult - they’re aiming really high, but are small team and we’ll probably have to wait a long time Life is Feudal - they plan to use M&B inspired combat in sandbox MMO. Again really ambitious, so probably nothing soon. War of the Roses - promising, but nearly no info can be found.

  • Severance, also known as Blade: the edge of darkness. Third person combat, pressing movement keys while swinging your blade would determine the direction of the blow. You could also perform combos on enemies. The Ai was pretty well implemented (enemies like orcs would mindlessly charge at you, while enemy knights would try to surround you and attack you from behind or the sides). You also had 4 different characters: the dwarf, the knight (they relied on heavy armor and shields to stay alive), the barbarian (using 2 handed weapons, you had to keep your range with your enemies and slice their heads before they had the chance to hurt you. You could also parry, but it was innefective and you ended up breaking your weapon), and the amazon (hard mode class, you relied on your bow and your staff to deal damage, and you had to dodge enemy attacks to survive. Pretty hard for fights in small spaces)

    You leveled up as you progressed, collecting better weapons, armor, potions,… there were some magical weapons with extra effects on hit, and there were plenty of secret areas, and even a secret last level if you collected certain secrets during the game :)

  • You may want to look into Overgrowth. The game is still in Alpha, but if you pre-order it you get full access to the current state of the game and all its future updates. I haven’t played it myself, but I look at the weekly alpha development video’s and the combat system looks good. It’s still pretty much a sandbox though. They’re still working on the engine (which is entirely their own work) and the basic combat mechanics, so it doesn’t have actual content yet. Still, you can spawn enemies and fight them.


    Overgrowth has a predecessor that’s been out for a while, Lugaru, so you may be interested in that. Its combat is probably objectively good, but I personally didn’t enjoy it all that much. To me, learning the combat in Lugaru feels more like learning very specific tricks to which the AI doesn’t respond well rather than learning to react quickly or think tactically. Nonetheless, you can’t deny that there’s a lot of skill to the game. Seeing a good player playing that game on YouTube can be quite spectacular. From the Overgrowth alpha video’s, I get the impression that Overgrowth’s combat system is going to be quite a bit different from Lugaru’s though.


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