Abort taunt.

  • You should abort your taunt if you move with wasd. Why? Because people having “fun” does not deserve to be killed mid-taunt. At least give us a way to stop the taunt animation somehow instead of being forced to wait until the animation ends

  • Thats what taunts are for, you taunt but you are vulnerable while taunting.

  • It’s always very funny when someone taunting gets smashed in the face while doing so, in every games that feature taunting.

    But yeah, I don’t think it’s very honorable to do so when someone uses it before a 1 vs 1 fight for instance, expecting you to do the same.
    Depends on the context if you ask me, sometimes he deserves a smash accross the face, sometimes he doesn’t.

  • You mean battle cry (default: c), don’t you?

    I wouldn’t see it as a taunt, also the real taunt (“radio” 4 -> 3) is just an audiofile and you can move while using it.

  • Then don’t taunt where you’re going to get your head done in?

  • That’s the whole point of taunting. You either pull off a successful taunt mid-battle and make the opponent look bad, or you get smacked in the face with a maul and it makes you look bad.


    Then don’t taunt where you’re going to get your head done in?


  • Once people learn that taunting can’t be aborted they’ll either stop using it altogether or they’ll use if at range that ensures safety.

  • swap weapons to cancel taunt /thread

  • You can taunt in other ways though, pressing Z, then 4 then 3 for insults. No animation though and doesn’t seem to work well when sprinting (but that’s the perfect time for it…)

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