Keybinds lefties ? support pls

  • Game really looks better then ever. after update thanks.
    My Problem is. -> Left Handed Player UJHK movement TGBLOYI other stuff for game. Alt jump space parry.

    I thought had setup my usual config to play after updated with latest patch. But in game it just won’t allow or accept certain keys Example S ? for move back and some other keys.

    This is quite a night mare for a left handed player lol.
    You lucky Right handed players hehe.
    I don’t fancy really haveing to dig about in .ini files. ( tried pasting old udkinput.ini back into folder(my documents\games etc, but it did not work or fool the game , hence Any Left Handed Peps on DEV team?

    At the moment I can’t play on or offline with config problem.

    oh yes thier is not a bind to moveback in menu on button setup ( well on my pc that is )

    quickly checked after reading another post about rank. My rank has also been reduced nooOOo whyyy?

  • Whats the rush?
    Please don’t all rush at me at once , one at a time please moderators/support. hehe .
    I found the cheese with the red pill at the maze’s end you know.

  • tut tut tsk
    knaves I say. no help at all.

  • Delete Chivalry folder in My Documents, load up the game and try again. The missing bind actions should be back. I had to do the same(lefty here) Find yourself lucky you don’t have to go into the .ini files like I did to unbind the arrow keys from their “permanent” action that wouldn’t change even if rebound in the game. It was a bit of a pain, but now that it’s all sorted I’m back to chopping heads!

  • Thank you. I am making the ultimate leftie config. although L is smaller in numbers the quality is better.

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