• Hey everyone,

    First off this new project looks extremely promising and i’m very excited about it, hehe :D The possibilities for the new looks are amazing, just let the new stoneshill screenshots tell you about that. Anyway my question is, when does the beta testing start, and what does it take to participate? Ive found myself with some more time on my hands since a while and id passionately love to help out with the testing. Good luck, take care, i’ll be around.

  • Yo blueberry, long time no see :)

    Read this for info on alpha testing. http://www.age-of-chivalry.com/smf/inde … 9#msg83929

  • hey sugarbuns, will do, thanks 8-)

  • lol f aoc, i got warband 2 days ago and its sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk <3 good luck tho guys

  • Ehrm… Ok.
    Have fun. :roll:

  • @Lord:

    lol f aoc, i got warband 2 days ago and its sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk <3 good luck tho guys

    Mmm…Good game, actually Great game, but I think I would prefer this for several reasons:
    Graphics: Chivalry
    Single Player: Mount and Blade
    Mechanics: Don’t know, haven’t played AoC, but I know that M&B has feinting and kicking already, but no shieldbash.
    Multiplayer: Probably tied, from what I know of Chivalry
    Battle size: M&B; can’t beat fighting 128vs128, even if it is bots! Don’t play online enough to know the limits of Online battle sizes.
    And M&B has amazing mounted battles :D

    All in all, I am willing to see this as a fully-fledged game alongside Mount and Blade. Certainly going to buy this, as well!

    However, pertaining to the topic at hand, too bad the testing requirements seem a bit heavy to me. I would like to test it, but I’m not sure I would like to give out a full description of why I should be chosen, nor do I want a ~60 minute interview :P

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