Randomly Become Flying Ragdoll

  • Here’s a rather humorous bug. My camera goes into third person, and my character turns into a ragdoll which I can still float around, but I can’t possibly aim my attacks this way. This occurred when walking off a ledge into a player.


    Anyone else having this problem? It’s a little rare, but it’s there.

  • Wow, I have never seen that before.

  • I had something somewhat similar happen before when someone managed to jump on my head when i was near a wall. My guy sort of went rag doll and started rolling around in the air a bit off the ground. I couldn’t do anything and the guy just stood on top of me swinging down till I died. (forgot to mention that it also went to 3rd person)

  • Ragdolls seem to happen when you collide with something too fast

    I was screwing around on a server with modded gravity - jump up fast into another flying player and you’ll ragdoll around until someone kills you

  • Indeed, I walked off a ledge into a player and the bug occurred.

  • Lol sounds like some good times.

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