"Training" Mode Bugged

  • I was doing the Tutorial or “Training” mode for the Steam achievement (That also seems strange, because there are two achievements you can get - “A warrior is made, not born” and “It gets easier”, description under both - “Play the tutorial to get this achievement.”)

    The first part of the training went quite smoothly, but I ran into some trouble with the “Advanced Combat Training”. When the Vanguard asks you to “Feint”, and you do, it doesn’t seem to register no matter how many times you fake him out. I tried feinting overheads, thrusts and swings but there seems to be no difference. You can still complete the training, and it even says in-game “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: A warrior is made, not born”, but steam doesn’t recognize it.

    Thought i’d report this just in case it wasn’t already known. Thanks.

    PS: The first trainer says “Stare down your nuts” not “Stand down! You’re nuts!” like the subtitles :>. I really hope that was deliberate x)

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