Colorblind player

  • First off I enjoy the game to an extent here. Other than MAA spamming the hell out of their weapons its fairly balanced.

    I am a colorblind gamer. My specific type of color blindness is red,green,blue. This means that sometimes when certain shades of red,green,or blue overlap they all become grey to me and mix together. Playing the game is fine, I can see Agatha and Mason. Until I get hit. The red shade that covers the screen makes it so I cannot see who is a teammate and who is not. This makes it borderline impossible to play unless I want to kill every team member I see. Which to me, is not an option.

    There needs to be a way to disable the annoying red shade when you get hit, or an option to change the color of the teams.

  • Agreed, all games need a colourblind-friendly option. I’m not colourblind myself but have friends who are, and I know it can be very frustrating to have it overlooked. I also understand that it’s often not obvious to developers especially if they don’t usually encounter it, as they have no reference point. So let’s bring it to their attention.

  • I’m not even colorblind, but when this happens, the teams get pretty hard to distinguish. Not impossible - but being a papercut away from death is when the ability to instantly read the battlefield is most important.

    Maybe instead of low saturation, you guys could use an unsharp mask, or some other post-processing effect that doesn’t suck the color out of the screen?

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