My graphics look like poop now

  • pre patch i had my settings with decent fps and graphics.
    now my gfx are reset and they look crap and bad fps.
    gameplay is different and more choppy too.

  • I get less fps now or its just choppy. Also I don’t like how the fog is gone. The fog didn’t bother my pc one bit.

  • They mentioned that optimization is a big priority to them, so hopefully they will get it straightened out soon :)

    Might look around in support forums to see if anyone else is having the same problem and also if there is a solution. Hope it helps!

  • Even though my resolution was set to max it still looked blurry, so I set it again and applied it and then it applied even though it was still the same settings.

  • Fog is gone?
    The game looks exactly the same as before (or at least I cannot tell the difference).
    Might be a little slower than before, nothing major.

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