Help - Control Conflict with new patch!

  • Ever since the new patch was installed last night I’ve had issues with the controls

    The Left and Right arrow keys, I had them set to StrafeLeft/Right,
    now with the new patch it also Turns Left/Right at the same time as Strafing, and it’s very annoying!

    So any idea how to fix?

    P.S I have mild cerebral palsy that affect my right-hand side, so using a mouse in my right hand like most people isn’t an option for me. It’s also why I use the arrow keys.

  • Refer to this this thread. I found the exact answer you’re looking for and fixed it and now all is well in using all the arrow keys

  • Thanks

    you know, I found the same settings referenced in 4 separate INI files


    why in so many ini’s?

  • Guys, there are about 7 different threads on this issue. I’m trying to compile them all into one. This thread has the fix which worked for me.

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