Weapons and other Fixes

  • Hello there. Almost everybody complains about daggers blocking 2 handed weapons with no penalty, shields being trespassed when they are not supposed to be, and other weapon issues. This is my view on how some of this things could possibly change:

    A - 2 hands vs 1 hand main weapons: I think when a 1 hand weapon blocks a 2 handed weapon the blocker should get x1.5 stamina drain to make things fair. 2 handed weapons are supposed to have advantage in distance, but we all know distance is not easy to mantain if your adversary seeks to facehug. This change is just for fight when both players are good enough to hold untill stamina runs out, so that 2 handers get rewarded for being able to block and strike with slower swing time. It’s not a very important change, but it would help and make the game more realistic.

    B - Daggers: IMO daggers should not be allowed to block nor be blocked in close distance, but should not cut cast on swings. This is close to actual reality but for the daggers not blocking, which may seem a bit excessive, but if you don’t like it there is the short sword.

    C- Shields: Shields should be quite different if you ask me. Kicks should not get the shielding off, but act as a normal swing. Shields should not be trespassed unless landing an attack in an unprotected body part. Shields should still shield while not being used, for example, pavises should act shielding the back of who carries it, strikes coming from left side should land on the shield and not on the person. What should be the cons? you should still receive damage while shielded, just diminished by a % depending on the shield. For example, knights heavy shield could block 95% of damage, while javelin archers shield should block 70% damage. Bad part of better shields would be that you need much more stamina to hold on them, thus big shields would have a 2x penalty on stamina and javelin archers shield just 1.3x. If you run out of stamina shield should drop, giving you the chance of getting it back just when you have enough stamina to wield it.

    D- Running: Running should lower stamina, and the amount of stamina drained should depend on your armor type. Knights should be able just to do a short sprint, while archers should be able to run for a while, maybe 15-30 secs, dunno. Vanguards should get a buff of 1/2 stamina drained while running or so, maybe just while charging. Also you shouldnt be able to run if you have just been hit on any leg (2-3 secs). This is plain logic, and maybe it would make archers OP, but I doubt it and game mechanics could change for better.

    As a final note: this all is a personal opinion, you have all the right to disagree, but I feel like some of this changes could greatly improve my game experience, and maybe others too. I’m sorry for my bad english, but I hope this is clear and reasonable enough to give one or two good ideas. Have a good day and good luck in your future battles.

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