AoC League Rules

  • Age of Chivalry League Rules

    League Season 2 starts Sunday, April 29th, 2012.

    Scrim player minimum is 8v8. Player max is 10v10.

    League scrim servers must be set to default settings with default warmup enabled. HLTV must be installed and a demo recorded each round.

    Before scrim start time each Team Leader or designated representative (captain) will contact the scheduled opponent and coordinate the scrim. Exchange the number of players online and server password. The “Home” team that week may decide to host the scrim on their server or another server of their choosing.

    Once each team’s players join the designated locked scrim server, everyone will immediately go to spectator view.

    The Duel
    Each team announces one player who will duel for their side. Each duelist joins a side. When they are near each other each stops and announces he/she is ready. One team captain will countdown 3, 2, 1 FIGHT. The winning side wins the right to decide if they will ATTACK or DEFEND in the first round.

    The 50% rule
    The teams then join their designated side for the first round. Captains ensure their side conforms to the 50% rule. That is each team has no more then 50% of their total players as one class category. Class category is defined as Footman classes (man at arms, sergeant, and guardsman), Ranged (archer) classes (longbowman, crossbowman, and javelineer), and Knight classes (crusaders, knights, and heavy knights). If odd number of players round down. Example: 9v9: 4 knights, 4 footmen, and 1 ranged. Alternatively, 4 knights, 4 ranged, and 1 footman; or, 4 Footman, 4 ranged, and 1 knight.

    Round One
    Once the classes are confirmed each captain announces their side is ready. The server operator will then restart the server to the map for that match. The teams will join their designated sides and then when ready one last restart will be announced and the match will be LIVE ON WARMUP END.

    Round Two
    Round one is run through. Once the map is finished each side check the final time and announces their result. When final time of round one is agreed upon the server is restarted. The sides switch. The server restarted again LIVE ON WARMUP END. Round two commences.

    The team that completes either the most objectives or all the objectives the fastest wins.
    In the event of a tie or close time dispute, the tie will be broken in a deathmatch in Valley, with the winner of the map the final match winner. The result is reported by the winning team captain.

    Match Demo
    To avoid disputes all matches are to be demo’d with hltv. In the event of the dispute the league council will view the demo and rule on the accusation.

    Glitching/cheating will not be tolerated. Any team found to be cheating/glitching will forfeit that match. Screenshots or demos are allowed as evidence. Single accusations by individuals against other individuals lacking evidence will be ignored.

    –- Carrying an objective. (i.e. flag, item, board, etc) players may not drop the board repeatedly to gain a speed advantage during league matches. However, dropping the objective to pass to a teammate or teammates is legal.

    — Doors. They must be allowed to open. You may not repeatedly hit the use key to spam open/close to prevent a door from being opened. Body blocking a door is not allowed. However, forming a shield wall to block a doorway is legal.

    — Ladders. The raising of a ladder may not be prevented from on top of the wall by glitching the use key. But they may be prevented from being raised by jumping on them.

    — Objects. In game objects may be manipulated on the battlefield to enhance an offense or defense. However, they may not be manipulated in a way that cannot be undone or that permanently prevents an objective from being completed, i.e. blocked.

    Scrim forfeit
    Each team has until 15 minutes past the scrim start time to get their team together. When 9:15pm EST passes and a team cannot field the minimum 8 players they forfeit the match, unless both team captains agree to wait for additional players. Wins and forfeits are reported by the winning team captain.

    A maximum of 2 ringers per scrim, only to make a full team, and the mercs cannot be other league clan members.

    Championship game

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