Mute player not working

  • I had tried the new Mute option in the scoreboard menu (accessed by pressing B while viewing the scoreboard. This activates your mouse in the scoreboard, for those who don’t know.). There were two players last night that were pretty annoying in chat. Every time I tried to mute them, as soon as I left the scoreboard screen after muting them, they were unmuted. The icon would change to reflect the fact that I muted them, but would have no effect. The annoying players I just muted were still talking, and still annoying. Sure enough, I saw that the icon was back to normal again.

    Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else having trouble with this?

  • I wasn’t able to mute player too. They seem to get unmuted every time they respawn.

  • Yeah it’s a known issue right now. Hopefully it will be fixed in the upcoming patch.


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