Patch Review

  • Patch so far has been great for me. Just before I go into it I’ll contribute some specs ::

    5770HD XFX ATI
    8GB RAM
    WIN7 SP1
    PHENOM 955 3.0GHZ QUAD
    24inch LG Monitor ( 1920X1080 DEFAULT )

    This patch has been great and I’ve noticed that it has totally changed my gameplay since I use the highly affected archer class. Javelin as my main, and S+Shield as my secondary, I feel that I can better utilize the equipment given to me and maybe even a slight damage boost?

    Graphics have been slightly better for me as well and the maps are still great. I’ve noticed the stamina recovery shift as well as a little bit of an increase to it? ( maybe its just me…)

    Some issues still pertaining are minimal though they do occur.

    -Not being able to shoot through the Trebs
    -Vanguards attacking behind themselves with incorrect tracer paths when using 2h weapons
    -Servers continuing to show incorrect counts
    -Shield direction being a little bit skewed when facing 1H Maces
    -No Flail :P

    Aside from these things, the game has totally been reworked and I’m looking forward for the next patch ^^ Great Work !!

  • My experience has been the exact opposite so far. I didn’t see any major changes.
    A lot of things are still broken.

  • Sorry to hear that. There are a ton of things still going wrong but a majority of both balance and exploit issues have been addressed during this patch. I think they’ll be releasing a hotfix in relation to the ping errors most people are getting but that’s just me.

  • I haven’t really had a good experience with the patch. Personally, I’m having more issues with server lists, and i swear swords go right through my tower shield a decent percentage. Also, I swear the weapons seem somewhat slower, but that might just be my imagination. Realize this is just my PERSONAL experience, but I’m definitely not enjoying myself as much after the patch. Things just seem…slower and more glitchy.

  • I just bought the game today so I cant do any comparison but I have to admit that it runs better than I expected at high settings with my 3 year old rig. Gameplay wise I found it really addicting :) though with a few rough edges but Im confident in the team.

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