Question for the Devs

  • Wondering if this game, if it goes well, will have a creation kit to go along with it for the Community to possibly create their own maps and game modes, such as Capture the Flag, with player made crazy castle complexes and stuff.

    Just wondering. Def gonna be getting this game anyways reguardless.

    Also, PLEASE!! put in the option for some NIGHTIME battles, or Dusk / Dawn Battles. Or just some type of way we can have different scenery. Always playing in the same daytime setting gets kinda bleh after a while, just my 2 cents.

  • Developer

    Hey there,

    We actually use the UDK to develop our levels and environments, which is already available for anyone in the community to use for FREE. Check it out here: . So you can start making maps that will be compatible with Chivalry right now and have them ready for our release. That said we also have the intention of releasing our own development kit shortly after our initial launch which will allow you to use our custom actors and props so its easier for you guys to add catapults in your maps or build castles and use our objective system. So short answer is yes!

    Also in the official maps, I believe you will all enjoy the amount of variety we have selected for time of day, atmosphere and cinematic effects, no two maps are alike and this is something we hope to be able to show off to you in the coming months.

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