• Hi! I’m unable to play due the new patch and arrows binding problem (unable to strafe) - so I tryied to solve this and lost my rank and unlocks - to level 8 - so i tried to regain what i lost and i have succed.
    I have all the unlock I had the rank is i manage to gat is 30 (was 39) but all the unlocks are ok and 30 is better than 8 :)


    1. go to: C:\Users[user name]\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config
    2. open and edit: UDKStats.ini - you have your frags via all weapons type there (i think) and at the top (second line first value) your overall experience points.
    3. Just edit the values to some much bigger like 200 for frags and 2000000 for experience - it will unlock all weapons and ranks.
    4. Join any official serwer and your stats should be normalized to what you had before rank loss.
    5. SPOILER: If you create your own serwer the data won’t be corrected and you can play with all weapons - not advised - sinse it’s spoil the fun.

    Hope this solve some of your problem out there.

  • I wouldn’t touch the stats file tbh.

  • I myself would’t make a stats files touchable by default. If game erased my progress and developers can’t handle this then you can lose it all or just take matters in your own hands. The choice is yours.
    I did already earned this like a lot of other players out there didn’t I ?

  • my rank was reduced also down to 25 grumbles hehe.
    I thought steam fixed games after you reinstalled them. I deleted tribes ascend for space, and after reinstalling it was exactly as before.
    maybe what was another way to get your rank back to at least the 30 you have now. after this new ranking system kicked in. Once you dip in the cookie jar can you stop?

  • I already stopped :) - I’m not interested in cheating, just getting back what was already earned. And like I said, connecting to public serwer cancels your changes and makes it the way it was before the rank loss.

  • official servers are no different than public servers, both are Ranked and use the same system to do so.

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