Feedback on latest patch

  • Hello,

    When i saw the update today I thought “yay they finally fixed some of the bugs i noticed”, but i was actually kind of disappointed to see none of the stuff I saw originally had been addressed. Noted:


    • Sometimes countdown to spawn disappears, leaving you wondering if you even will get to spawn.

    • When you die, sound will only come out of one ear on headphones depending which way i look. Just kind of annoying, it’s like having two speakers on each side of your head.

    • I don’t always spawn with my primary weapon out. Sometimes I even spawn with no weapon equipped. If this was designed intentionally, why not keep it consistent?

    • EDIT 1: Using apostrophe in chat opens console up mid sentence.

    On top of those, I think you should add the following features, as they’re kind of standard in all other games.

    Feature Requests

    • Save loadouts and DO NOT reset them every time someone opens loadout menu. Every time I want to change one weapon, I have to set the other two slots as well. This often makes me miss the spawn counter.

    • Save filters in server browser. This kind of goes without saying as most a lot of people have the same filters and don’t ever change them. Every other game with a server browser saves the filters permanently.

    • Leave a few seconds after spawn counter has ended until starting it over.

    If any dev reads this, please reply with thoughts/comments.

    Thanks for reading.

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