Updated excel chart for weapon?

  • Hey guys. I’m just wondering whether there is a new updated chart with weapon dmg for each class? Sorry if it’s already somewhere in the forum.

    On a side note I’m quite happy with the patch, even if there are still problems (Server, no easy way to kick still, ranks). Also something weird (and hilarious) happened to me yesterday after the patch. I was almost dead and I started to float around ragdoll style! Then after a while I got transferred to the other team.

    About balance, the only grudge I have is the way they nerfed the 1h SoW. Nerfing both damage AND speed render the weapon useless imho, which is sad because I thought it was a cool and unique sword. Aside from that, good job!

  • The chart is up to date now, yes.

  • Where’s the link to this chart again?

  • Martin’s signature.

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