Mouse problem (Please read )

  • Hi guys,
    I bought the game today and I played almost all day, had no problem.
    About 2-3 hours ago I took a break then came back. When I went in the game again my mouse was very laggy and made the game impossible to play.
    I want to mention that this didn’t happen when I first played the game, its happened after I entered in it more than 2-3 times. My computer can handle the game. The problem is that everytime I enter in the menu the mouse is really laggy, even in games.
    Need a solution, please, I freaking love this game and I don’t intend to stop playing it.

  • was something running in the backround on your pc ??? a download or some update, sounds like it.

  • Well, no, but I don’t know why, this morning, when I turned on my PC again it went away, I guess it just needed a computer restart and I’m a complete retard. I’ll post back if the problem ever appears again.

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