No more screaming?!?

  • Hello everyone, 1st post here. Love the game, but one of the features I loved most appears to be gone now! I assume after the the big patch but I’m not sure because I can’t seem to find any data on it. So We still have the battlecrys/taunts, but we used to be able to just let out an adrenalin filled SCREAM by hitting ‘X’ but no longer?

    I miss this silly feature more than you could know, it gave the game such personality. Was this taken out for some reason? Now when you hit ‘X’ you just get a list of shout messages to choose from just like if you hit ‘Z’ and I can’t find it anywhere in the key bindings.

    Why was this removed? I know it’s silly but I miss it LOTS just doesn’t seem as fun :(

  • When you sprint and hit C it will OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo.
    I don’t know why it was removed from X but on the other hand all the voice commands are clear now.

  • Screaming was put on 1 button because voice commands need 2 buttons now ^^

    Last version was superior.

  • it was one of the most essential buttons, the scream needed to be separate.

    i hope they change it back

  • Hmm I don’t understand how / why it needs to be?

    BOTH the stationary and moving battlecrys are still in the game. They are just on the single “Battlecry” button now.

    They do EXACTLY the same thing. If you are stood still, it does the normal battlecry. If you are moving, it does the moving battlecry (the loud “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHHHH!”).

    In my opinion, this is how it should be. :S

    If you are experienced in editing UDK configs, you can seperate them both if you really, really want to. Can’t really see any reason for doing this though unless you accidentally find yourself doing a stationary battlecry all the time.

  • To quote myself:

    So when you’re not running you’re always doing your shout+animation. That tends to be problematic. Sometimes I just stand there and want to shout before going into action.

    But this animation makes me defenseless for a couple of seconds so I usually did this when I felt safe. Now it’s standard…

  • Battlecry was replaced with Yes and No spammers


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