Furthering gameplay variation

  • Furthering gameplay variation:
    For each class I think the play style could be varied one step further, say for each main weapon there could be an option, for bows the option for a tighter string, tight string = more stamina loss, less drop more pullback time etc and is for long ranged( more damage is a bit unblancing imo)
    Or looser string, more dropoff less pullback and normal stamina loss.

    Or the sword, sharp or blunt, sharp does more against light armour, blunt does more against heavy armour and blocks better.

    Im not talking about huge differences, just small differences to fine tune the class to your playstyle, you know nothing over a 10% change.

  • Developer

    These things actually will be coming to the game and we hope to cover them in more detail later. But as an example… if you choose longbowman you will be able to select the type of arrowhead you want to use and therefor make you slightly more or less effective against certian types of armour. Enemy team has a bunch of knights? Select the bodkin arrows. It gives a nice bit of tactical flavour to the choices you are making. Melee classes have similar options with blunt weapons being more effective against plate and slash weapons being more effective against leather. Again, its not like with broadhead arrows you could never kill a knight, its just that it might take you 1 extra shot to do it, which can make a big difference in the grand scheme of a battle.

  • Interesting! I never really thought about this but it sounds really neat. So weapon choice will be more than DPS.

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