Orders idea.

  • Hello everyone,
    I haven’t seen that kind of gameplay idea, so I am coming with one.

    1. Each team has got a Commander.
    2. Commander can issue orders for particular type of warrior (or even make formations) by:
    a) Choosing “command mode” - in that mode Player- Commander can issue orders such as:

    • selecting unit / units (by click - drag system if possible) - choosing different type of units in sight
    • selecting unit and issuing orders for unit type (archers, knights etc.)
    • waypointing (for particular units/armies) by clicking on the ground
    • punishing (slapping etc.) teammate
    • choosing tasks (such as covering particural units, and order covered units to push ram i.e.)
    • rally armies
    • only commander could take a flag / point.
    • mark ballista / catapult targets

    Units would hear orders and see waypoints and see current orders in table.


    • If everyone in team would take orders seriously, an army would move as AN ARMY, not a bunch of respawning, rushing warriors.
    • more tactical gameplay


    • how to choose a commander?
    • is it possible at all? ;)


    (hope everything is understandeable, i am not english-native)

  • I like it, but very rarely would you get people to obey you, and if they do you could probably just ask via mic chat

  • Indeed, thats why i don’t think voice - based orders have any meaning. If there would be a clan - members communicating with each other and they will have commander, then it is all right, but having a bunch of random guys under your command needs special solution - thats why i am writing about punishment system, but now it came to me that there should be also an award-system for especially good soldiers, maybe a ranks, maybe commander can give “good soldiers” points to upgrade their weapon/armor, and those soldiers should have ranks seen by other players so they would know who to follow, and adversaries - who to be afraid of.
    I think commanders should be rated by players at the end of battle i think.

    So commander would be a hard but satysfying person to play as.

  • Sounds like you want some RTS up in here. I think your idea sounds a bit too different to be a normal gametype, though I could see it as a mod of sorts. Sounds very Nuclear Dawn-ish. And I LOVE Nuclear Dawn.

  • I’ve never heard of Nuclear Dawn, friend :) Though i saw it on YT minute ago and i think about something a little bit different, with no battlefield - overview and building units. Just fpp-orders giving. Though idea is I assume similar. And yes, I am not saying it to be only way to play, just kind of “tactical mode”. I’ve got one voice for yes, i assume? ;) I am waiting for Allmighty Devs to relate to idea.

  • …Use Teamspeak for give orders to your troops…
    …there you’ll find much better…-_^


  • I see not everyone gets the idea :)

  • I understand what you want to do, the only thing is people won’t listen to you in a pub environment because they just want to play and have fun, most of them don’t want to play just to win, they want to play to have fun.If you’re playing with all of your friends who do listen to you then you can just type or use voice chat. As well as it being A LOT of coding for the developers that they just don’t have the time for.

  • Roger that :) I see then i must try Nuclear Dawn ;)


  • Have you ever played Age of Chivalry?

  • Me? Are You kidding? Of course! What You mean?

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