How about Pick up your thrown axes.

  • When throwing an Axe and you miss ? You don’t half feel the want to pick it back up if there is no ammo box around, so why not implement this ?

    A good example on thrown room level, I thrown an axe and well I missed, instead I hit the door Arch, as i ran passed this I felt if i could pick this up I could try again.

    And thats how my suggestion came about.

    Any suggestions.

  • Sounds good to me. Javelins already work this way, all TB would have to do is add the same functionality to the other throwing weapons. This would give more reason not to use shields, and would add more tactics to the game when players have to think about where they throw things so they can pick them up later.

  • You already can (even the ennemies ’ axes or knives).
    too bad you can’t pick them up on dead bodies :(

  • You sure? I seem to remember being unable to pick up knives and axes. I could be wrong though; I don’t use them much.

  • Yeah, you already can, for sure.

    i remember killing a vanguard with his own axes that he throwed at me and failed, i picked them up and got them back to him lol

    Still, i think sometimes they get stuck or something and you cant pick them, but usually you can.

  • Yes, if the ammo gets stuck in the world, you can pick it back up. If it actually hits an enemy, you most likely cannot pick it up. However, there have been some rare cases of such.

  • as said , its already possible.

  • they don’t last long tho and I reckon it depends on the server how long exactly. Picking up axes is sometimes very easy, other times I feel it’s impossible.

    It’s nice though, when your enemy misses you and you just pick up his axes and throw them back.

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