2 graphic improvements

  • First of all let me say that I really enjoy the update! I have almost completely switched my opinion about chivalry as portrayed in my first post. Keep up the good work.

    I have got two things to say regarding some graphics.

    1. Server list right click menu.
    The server menu got a much needed overhaul in the latest patch, nice job! Although I couldn’t help but notice that the right click menu looks hastily put together. “Remove from favorites” doesn’t fit on the text line and the whole menu is too transparent in my opinion. The text is readable but requires too much effort.

    Fix: Make the text somewhat smaller and undo the transparency from the background (it is not needed).

    2. Arrow selection silhouette swap.
    When selecting the arrows for your bow you are presented with two choises. Broad and small tipped arrows. However, the silhouette in the selection menu (right) doesn’t match the description. The small tipped arrows are portrayed with the broader arrows and vice versa.

    Fix: Swap the silhouettes.

    That is all for today.
    If wanted, I will keep providing little things I notice that can be improved (especially GUI and menu elements).

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