• why can’t I open the game? i click play on steam, and it starts like it is supposed to, but the game doesn’t even pop up, or even a black screen

  • lets start at square 1.

    you bought it ?
    your pc can run it ?
    are you behind a router or firewall that may be blocking it ?

  • Post your pc specs: ram, cpu, graphics card (memory), etc.

    Are you running windows 8? Yes? That’s the reason.

  • Post a new thread in the Support forum and include a Launch.log and a DxDiag.txt along with a description of what’s happening.

  • well seeing how theres 50 threads on this subject, why have seperate threads??? they all most likely have the same issue that will require the same fix. they should all be contained within the same thread.

    heres another question… have you seen anyone whos had this issue get it fixed yet???

    I havent, if they did wheres that thread??

    all ive seen is countless Launch.log and a DxDiag.txt and no answers from anyone on a fix.

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