Battleground…what REALLY makes it great?

  • I believe there are a few things that make the current battleground map a favorite, and I’ve noticed that the new map is lacking in one of these areas. I think BG is so popular because:

    1. Its very bright. If we are sitting at home on the PC, at work, or wherever, we are most likely indoors. We play games because we want to feel good, and a bright map like BG elicits good feelings of being outdoors in the sun, even if we are inside. We don’t mind spending hours of time on BG, but spending hours in a dark map like westerlyn is just not appealing because it doesn’t FEEL good in the same way.
    2. Openness. The large openness with long-distance visibility, combined with the brightness of the map creates a great feel-good, fun atmosphere.

    If the new battleground map is too dark, players will be playing many hours on a dark, possibly depressing feeling map. Its very possible that the new BG will be the most played map in the new game, so I feel it is very important that it be a map we will viscerally feel good to be in. So, my suggestion is simply to brighten up the sky map and lighting. Right now it looks like a medieval zombie world; dark, wet, and gloomy, however beautiful.

  • The objectives are simple® (Especially to find), the map is more open so combat isn’t a clusterfuck in some hallway, archers love the map because they can camp and shoot from afar. People like me love the map because it’s so easy to get behind your enemy and do some backstabbing. :>

  • Developer

    I think you guys will be surprised with how far we’re pushing the environments this time around. It’s one of the most improved elements of the new game for sure.

  • Tiberius, I worship U xD

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