Dedicated Server specs, how many resources needed?

  • Hey,

    Quick questions, since i can’t seem to find this anywhere.

    How much resources does hosting a server take? for example a 32 slot one.
    Server OS is windows or linux, I’ve got both running.

    barely any? very cpu intensive?
    100 mb? 200 mb?
    1 mbps?
    -Disk i/o
    not disk intensive or very?

    I’d like to know how much it uses before going through the trouble of settings up / configuring a server. I already have a bunch of game servers running for other games on my server, but i’d like to know how much of my resources a chivalry server will use.

    Thanks in advance.

  • These are answers I need as well.

  • A dedicated server costs a great deal more than a virtual machine, I know you already know that, but that suggests that you get more for your money. You do get more in the sense that you get the full CPU time and system memory dedicated to you and your application.But as it is a dedicated machine then what happens when it goes down, a drive failure or other problem? My friend recently bought it from DEDICATED servers.

  • OS is windows
    I’d say at least a 2.0 ghz dual core.
    300-500 meg just for the game. (not including OS needs)
    BW 1TB should be overly fine.
    Disk space, how ever big the files are for the game. I forget honestly. Not much. (not including OS)

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