Graphics less blurry post patch

  • So the graphics are less blurry now, a very CLEAR difference. Saw nothing about this in the patch notes, so just wondering what specifically was changed. I guess FXAA is gone too?

    Massive fps drop when using last crossbow, but i guess this is known now.

    Also the control/rebind options have gone to shit. Some stuff does not even show up, for example the kick option, also mobile vs regular battle cry ect. Cant change this from default at all.

    Please fix ASAP.

    But overall VERY HAPPY WITH THE PATCH, Great work, keep it up

  • Depth of field option still blurs the game a shitload and has FXAA on

    i turned it off and its much clearer

  • Leader. Do the following:

    My documents/my games/chivalry/

    Find the folder with all the config files like “system settings” etc.
    Delete that whole folder.

    No worries. Start the game. All these files will be recreated automatically and you ll be able to bind all keys again! Confirmed method 110% sure.

    DOF blurs things up. Its the key feature of this effect…at least on distant things.
    Try Nvidiainspector if you feel your image is to blurry.
    Set some negative LOD Bias…or force real AA through your driver ;-)

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