Keep it up

  • some will remember me some wont, I was “Worthless {BEER}” in AoC. i used to play the game religiously, i remember some times staying awake fore hours just having a great time. All my life i have the the medieval (dark age) genre in anything, books, tv , games you name it.

    Just wanted to drop a quick line not to sound like an ass kisser here but you guys are my idols for real. todays standard games are all the same, run and gun “CoD” clones. I aint talking smack on those games but no one thinks outside the box anymore (not just that genre, MMO’s too). I have always had my own vision of what i would do if i made a video game and you guys are doing excactly that. I check the website every once and a while for updates and just want to say keep it up, and i love you guys ;), cant wait.


  • Not worthless at all, nor ass kissing, its what devs love and keeps motivation high :D

    I totally agree ;)

  • Developer

    Yeah thanks guys, always feels good to hear that we’re also making the game of other peoples dreams. Appreciate the kind words and input!

  • +1

    I’m really excited :D can I play it nao :D go on… pwease!!!

    My head is now a giant egg :o ?? is it just me or are these emotes eggish in shape?

  • I’m with you guys. Ever since I found this game, I have been on the forums daily.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi there :D

    Just wanted to express my respect and graditude for this game being made!
    This game has the true oldschool essence of LAN party/computer gaming fun. Strictly for the purpose of being a fun game, with the real imaginable feeling of battle, when honor was honor and there was no coward weapons like guns. Being the oldschool gamer meself, i know lots of people are gonna be playing this game. This game has the roughness and pure hardcore battling, like when i first started playing quake 1 and counterstrike in ´98. Since then i tried most MMO’s and always felt like I missed something, and it was this: Pure battle with honor.

    “Keep it up” and i mean it! Keep the game simple and hard, I wait for Chivalry and nothing else! 8-)

  • Spoken like a true gamer Sno, I thought they were a dying breed. I look forward to facing you on the battle field good sir. And a thousand thanks to all who put their time and effort into this game.

  • Keep up the good work !
    This is also the game of my dreams !

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