How much did UDK help the development of the game?

  • Last year I went to penny arcade expo and to my surprise I saw the Chivalry Medieval Warfare booth. I had no idea that the guys who made Age of Chivalry were working on a new game. I was really happy to hear this , because i loved Age of Chivalry and played it for a long time. It was so different and easy to pick up that it was hard to put down.

    The most memorable part was that I got to talk to the people who made the game. I forget most of what I said but i remember asking about source engine and what they were doing for this game. I told him i tried to learn about source and it felt like i was hitting my head against a wall in order to find out about what needed to be done. He told me that , that is what source is like and now they are using UDK and it is so much better. Before I left i was told to check out the forums, and i kind of forgot to do that for a while.

    So after a long intro my question is, how much did UDK help in making this over source? I still see source mods being made and have not seen many UDK indie projects but i know that people who work on advanced network games(Torn Banner) said it was way better. I am a programmer and I mainly work with mobile stuff but I want to get involved into pc games that are multiplayer.


    [edit] where there any other tools that anyone knows of that torn banner considered before deciding on UDK?

  • Developer

    Hello there,

    I recently did an interview with Epic Games on this very topic, you might want to check it out here:

    But yes, the UDK is the premiere engine for indie companies and AAA studios. The quality we could have achieved on the source engine compared to the UDK is night and day, I wouldn’t advise you to use any other engine really.

    As a side note, we’ll be at PAX EAST again this year if you plan on going, glad to hear you enjoyed meeting us last year :).

  • Thank you for the really quick reply. I am going to pax east this year so i am really glad i will get to see your booth again. I will check out your interview with epic, that is amazing that you got that. I am really glad that your project is getting the recognition that it deserves. Thanks for the advice on udk.

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