Wierd lag on all servers

  • I don’t know what is going on here with my game, but I am getting these weird rubberband type lags. They are more like the opposite of rubberbanding though. I will be running in a direction and then suddenly I will be about 10-15 feet ahead of where I just was instantly. It is causing me serious trouble though as I will be running up a hill and then suddenly I will be 15 feet off a cliff to my death. My internet connection is fine in all other games. My ping in game is a constant low and doesn’t spike. I cannot for the life of me figure this out. It happens on both official and unofficial servers. It is making the game pretty much unplayable for me as every time I run at an enemy and go to attack, I wind up overshooting them. I am sure it is annoying as hell for the other plays im playing with as well. I had my friend watch me in game and he said it looks like i’m speed hacking. Any suggestions?

  • Well, I seem to have fixed it by deleting my game and all associated files. Redownloaded and I don’t have lag spikes anymore.

  • @sharkh20:

    Well, I seem to have fixed it by deleting my game and all associated files. Redownloaded and I don’t have lag spikes anymore.

    Yay! I’m glad that it works for you! See you on the battlefield. :k1:

  • Well, I am now getting the same thing again. Redownloading the game didn’t solve it this time. Really makes the game unplayable. I go to swing and suddenly i’m 15 feet past my target.

  • Is your router running the latest firmware for it? Does your computer have the latest LAN/Network drivers?

  • Yeah, it just doesn’t even look like any other lag though. Normally lag would pull you backwards. I tested this out with a friend. We both start running forward at the same time. I will end up like 30 feet ahead of him because of whatever is going on. Some kind of desync or something.

  • I’ve been having similar issues over the past two days - despite what server I join, or how good my ping is (usually around 80), I’ve been teleporting around. I’ve been playing CS:GO, TF2 and other games online - whatever problem it is, it only seems to affect chivalry.

  • I would like to join all the people having this problem.

    I downloaded the game today, wanted to try it out during the free weekend, to see if I should buy it. After completing the training, I went to try it out online. Had lags (the same ones described in the first post), so decided to check a different server. It was the same on every server I tried, my ping starting at 150 when joining, then slowly climbing towards 400.

    It looked like it was some sort of upload problem, because when I died and looked at other players running around, they ran smoothly and lag free, so the game downloaded the packets correctly, it seems to have problems sending them to the server.

    Now, my internet is no king of speed. The upload speed was always pretty slow (256), but it never posed any problems (unless my sister strarted using uTorrent). I played many online games (TF2, Left for Dead, Planetside2, some MMOs) with decent, below 200 ping. This is my first bigger lag problem since a long time (my ISP used to block some ports, but that is no longer the case).

    I tried alt tabbing and doing an upload speed test when on a server, and the test resulted with my normal upload speed. So, that eliminates something in the background eating up my upload.

    I hope this sheds some light on the issue. I hope I’ll manage to find a solution before the weekend ends, so I can finally try out the game and decide whether I should buy it or not.

  • Bumping to update on my problems with the game.

    Yesterday when I tried playing in the morning, the ping seemed pretty good (<100), but the movement was still pretty janky and laggy (like in the first post, the character was being teleported in a weird fashion while walking). After about 20-30 minutes of playing the ping started rising again, ending at 400. Then it lowered back to <100. During the gameplay it rose to 400 about 3-4 times.

  • I have the same problems.
    I can play with a decent fps rate and my ping is around 20-40.
    However I get these weird jumps, where everyone freezes for 15sec.
    My Router shouldn’t be the problem, because I don’t have one, I use a Lan connection.

    I’d love to play this game some more, but this issue makes it unplayable. :|

  • Ok so I installed the newest network drivers but that didn’t help at all.

    Once again, I have no framerate issues with the game. I can play with as much bots as I want and the game run smoothly without any jumps.

    Other multiplayergames such as Left4Dead, Freelancer and BF: Bad Company 2 don’t have these weird 15 second jumplags.
    I’m really at a loss here…
    Can someone tell me how to change the ports the game uses to achieve internet connectivity, so I can set them manually?
    Maybe that will help.

  • My server seems to be affected by this lag as well, and the players say that this lag occurs everywhere. I thought it had something to do with the free weekend, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    It has something to do with the game, and it’s really annoying. It seems to maybe occur less often when i kick/ban people with ping over 140.

    I’m hosting on my own computer, i’ve got enough resources to run a server.
    My setup:

    ! - EVGA GTX 670
    ! - Intel i5-3570k
    ! - connection: 100Mb/100Mb

  • I have registered just to tell that, since the free week-end, I am experiencing this problem.
    My ping is OK, but I noticed some servers (from History) that are now having a ping above 100 and, obviously, that wasn’t the case before.
    Also, I have 2 network connection from 2 different ISPs :) (one with a router, the other with direct connection), and it is the same issue regardless of the connection that I choose.
    The game performance is the same as before, so it’s not FPS related.
    The game is almost unplayable because, basically, you cannot block anymore. What I am seeing on screen is delayed by approximately 1 second. There is a delay noticeable when the opponent blocks: the animation is played after a few, crucial, moments after my attack animation is complete. Shortly after, I am insta-hit by the opponent (who probably attacked me while I was still seeing him block).
    So it’s like we are out of sync with the server. What I see it’s not what the server registers. This normally falls under network connectivity. But, as I stated above, I tested with a back-up connection, and there are too many players having this issue.

    Any thoughts :)?

  • I’m also experiencing this problem. I bought the game yesterday and I’ll get teleported to some random place for a second or two. This happens every 15 seconds or so and makes the game almost unplayable. I seem to be getting bad ping from servers, too, even though my internet is completely fine (no packet loss and speeds the same as they’ve always been). I hope this is fixed because I really want to enjoy the game.

  • I don’t even have high ping, thats the thing… (I can even be around 15, doesn’t matter)
    So is there any way to manually tell the game wich port and ip to use?
    Old MP Games like UT2003 used to have this option in the main menu.
    Doesn’t look like I’m the only one having problems

  • I have exactly the same problem.

  • I am experiencing the same phenomenon. My ping is between 30-50 and I have a newer generation i7 and a GTX 670 so my frames are butter smooth. Until this gets resolved any kind of competitive play is out of the question.

  • Confirming that a reinstall does fix this issue. Back to kicking ass now lol.

  • Been having this issue since the patch as well. Will reinstall.

    Edit: Reinstall didn’t fix the problem. I think my problem is slightly different to the OP. I get real short range teleporting from opponents and myself. Often times you get hit twice before you even see someone suddenly appear in front of you. Ping is 50-60, no lag or packet loss.
    Oh well, guess I’ll wait until the next patch and hope for the best.

  • This has been happening today to me as well, and it’s pissing me off. I lost a fucking duel to some total scrub because of this crazy lag. He was a vanguard running at me, and he literally disappeared for 4 seconds only to reappear next to me doing the vanguard sword swing, which took out like 75% of my health. Twice it happened! I don’t know if he was using some lag hack thing (I assume this was the case as it only lagged really badly before he did his jump move) or what, but if this was a game problem, it needs to be addressed right away.

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