Wierd lag on all servers

  • I should add that two of my mates who play this game both have the same problems as myself since the new patch and have stopped playing. Another mate says everything feels ok for him. He is running an ATI video card whilst we are all currently running Nvidia. The only obvious difference in our rigs.

  • Also registered just for this.
    I basically have the same problem as everyone else. I usually have a low ping -around 40- but I keep getting lag on the servers. Sometimes i’ll run and it will jump forward. I miss while launching, blocking. Etc. From time to time, I’ll find a server where it doesn’t happen, but after a little while it comes back. Also I’ve been seeing lot of servers with ping incredibly high, in the 500 and up.

    I have no problem or whatsoever with framerate (tutorial and bot games will work mighty fine).
    This is really getting annoying, because even when my ping is at 20 and the servers’ one is low too, this will still happen.
    As everyone says, this makes the game unplayable as timing is everything in it.

  • For christ sake. This problem is killing the game. I just can’t play the game anymore because of this bullshit. People disappear to reappear 1 or 2 second to another place. Frustrating as hell.

  • I can attest to this issue, i had noticed that yesterday (while my ping was around 30-40).

    I walked through a grassy meadow with no enemy in sight, then all of a sudden I see the hammer hit my head while I was surrounded by 3 knights. Not cool.

  • @D3ft0ne:

    I walked through a grassy meadow with no enemy in sight, then all of a sudden I see the hammer hit my head while I was surrounded by 3 knights. Not cool.

    C’mon, that’s kinda cool! … :(

  • I’ve been getting these lags as well after the recent patch. Before patch I didn’t have them. A lot of other players on the servers seem to have them as well, as the now constant typing of “LAG!” in the chat attests.

  • Same problem as everyone else.

    I have 55-60FPS always. I only join servers that have less than 100 ping. Good ping, but then randomly spike/de-sync and teleport.

    I have latest firmware and a 25/5 (mpbs) connection.

    Pinged router and modem, they are working fine. Called my ISP today too thinking this could be on their end, but they reported no problems.

  • this game is broken, unplayable. Driving me crazy.

  • I’ve have had this for the past several months. It’s extremely annoying and breaks the game completely.

  • So this problem apparently got fixed or it just fixed itself.
    However, I’m glad to be able to play again.

  • @worhan:

    my ping starting at 150 when joining, then slowly climbing towards 400.
    It looked like it was some sort of upload problem

    Where other people didn’t complain of rising pings, you did. I had the same (ping spiking up to 500), and discovered Spotify (not on my computer, but another on my local network) was the culprit. It basically acts as a P2P client, sharing blocks of songs with other users, and is just as disastrous as any torrent client.

    The enormous amount of connections every period new peers connect to your network make playing completely impossible.

    So, be sure your sister doesn’t run spotify as well, or better, set the windows firewall for her spotify process to block all incoming and outgoing connections except the default port thats needed to stream from spotify itself.

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