Competitive map design

  • The current set of maps are either uninteresting for comp play (king of the hill, last man standing) or are too large/not ideal (the push/objective maps)

    it seems like teamfortress 2 style 5 CP maps, where you fight for the middle point and then push forwards/backwards depending on win/loss at the middle CP could work perfectly for this game. Would allow for smaller formats (5v5) and keep the game focused on one point at a time, while allowing for interesting/varied map design, fighting across different points and so on

  • I’m ok with this, but i think they would have to make it look realistic, not a circle in the floor like in tf2, but more like places to defend, like a church, a castle, an armory, etc.

    That would be cool if it was that way

    thanks for your idea

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