Difference between using 2h and shield as knight?

  • Sorry if this has been posted before, could not find anything through search.

    Anyway I was wondering, what are the advantages of using two hands in stead of a shield for the knights weapon that can do this? It’s not really stated anywhere in the game.

  • 2h has a longer reach and (not so sure about it) more damage compared to the 1h sword. So in the open you can chop off heads more easily.

    Advantage of a 1h is the speed and the shorter reach ( :? ) which can be important when you’re in a small room. A 2h sword tends to be reflected by walls and stuff.

  • Wielding a hand-and-a-half sword as a one-hander will make it slightly faster but less powerful.

    You can find all of the weapon stats on this spreadsheet, which is maintained by Martin on the forums: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc … TZnc#gid=1

    As you should be able to see, each hand-and-half sword has separate stats for when it’s being wielded with one hand.

    Also, there are stats associated with each shield, which aren’t quite as clear to me, that affect how blocking with them works.

    Edit: Unfortunately the spreadsheet doesn’t list reach because it’s not really a set number, but is instead based on the weapons hitbox. I’m not sure if wielding a sword as a two-hander or one-hander affects its reach.

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