Advanced Training - Training won't progress after Feinting

  • Hi,

    I just bought the game off steam today and went on to try the training mode. Everything was pretty much fine until the advanced training.

    When the knight asked me to feint by pressing Q mid-way the attack and after I did so he would not say anything.

    Therefore I will be stuck in the training mode unable to do anything except to quit to the main menu. I have tried restarting the training mode (and go through everything again) but the problem persists even on the second try. I have also seen many others with the same problem on steam discussion forum.

    I am using a windows 7 64-bit PC with these specs:
    Intel i5-2320
    8 GB DDR3 memory
    GTX 660 Ti
    1 TB Barracuda HDD

  • Same issue.
    Win7 64
    Phenom II X4 965
    4G DDR3
    radeon HD 5770

  • It’s a known bug. The recent patch that came out on Thursday changed the way feinting works but changing the tutorial to work with it was an oversight. Expect it to be fixed in the next patch. Until then, try practicing feints on real people :)

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