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  • Im very interested in this project that this team is creating and would like to know if you had a little time and could possible let me know of an object that you need to have created for in-game use. Polly Count and what not for the object. I would like to give myself a little bit of a challenge with the spare time i have here and there, I currently am a Game Dev student 3rd year at Durham College in Ontario. This is only if you have the time to let me know of any Objects you need modeled and id be more than happy to model some for you ^-^ would love to see this game completed! Textureing on the other hand ;D…

  • Developer

    For various reasons, legal and otherwise it is difficult for us to just allow anyone to submit content for the game- even if you are a great artist and have great intentions. We do however highly encourage you to create custom content for the game and allow others to download it for their use with the game. In addition, if its the motivation of contributing to a cause that has brought you here, you simply must become involved in a mod project if you are a student that takes a career in the game industry seriously.

    Head over to and find a project that interests you, it will help you improve your skills and learn a lot about various aspects of game creation. Since mods are not typically for sale, they don’t have the same restrictions of accepting help like we do as a commercial company.

  • Thank you for the quick reply :) Ill deff take a look into the Moddb community and see what help i could bring over there for various games. Q_Q 1 more year until i can get into the industry, I just really want to get my foot in the door sooner than later i guess :P. Best of lucky to the Team at Torn Banner Studios, Ill deff keep an eye out for this games release and follow the progress of the games development avidly.

  • Self-interest post incoming:

    Head over to That’s a fantastic mod for the game Series “Company of Heroes.” They’ve already added the Russians to the game and the part that is taking forever is the 3rd Axis faction. I’m sure they’d take whatever help they can get.

    You could also make some mods for any of the total war series games. Currently Shogun 2 is immensley popular, but admittedly is a bit more of a pain to mod than the earlier games like Rome. is the home for the entire series.

    Skyrim, of course, is a modder’s paradise once they release the modding kit. There will certainly be hundreds of thousands of people that you would be able to reach and receive feedback. Skyrimnexus is the primary location to find mods to give you ideas, and … -mod-talk/ is a good source for help.

    All three of these games have a lot of mods on moddb as well, which is the site Tibberius mentioned.

    On the topic of Chivalry… how much leeway will the modding community have with Chivalry? Will it be at the level of Counter Strike with custom maps, skins, sounds, and mechanics? If so that would be awesome! I would love to play some Medieval “Gun Game!”

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