A few UI tweak options

  • Ahoy fellow bloodletters,

    Apologies if this has been suggested, or if it can already be done through modding, but I’ve not found reference to either so far.

    Ok, so I think the conscious decision to minimise the UI in Chivalry is great, and I’m in support of that choice.

    That said, it would be nice to have some settings through which we could tweak it to our tastes. So, my proposal is to offer the player the following UI configuration options:

    -Position Elements: be able to choose position of the stamina bar, health bar and target name label. Either from a selection of pre-set positions or a drag and save mechanic. E.g: Personally I’d like the bars one atop the other in the centre bottom of the screen, and the name label a bit below the target dot.

    -Extra info UI: displays selected addition game details top left: current objective, team spawns, team score etc.

    I think it a fairly simple suggestion really, but a valid one. Thoughts?


  • i agree with this

  • Another small suggestion to this underwhelming thread:

    Would be nice to have the player’s “assists” score added as a column to the scoreboard too.

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